Being “Hangry”

Have you ever been a bit crabby for seemingly no reason? How about snapping at someone unnecessarily, only to realize a few minutes later that you are seriously hungry? If so, then you have experienced something commonly referred to as ... Read More

Makeup Free Mondays

Makeup Free Mondays: A Radical Act of Self-Love

Eleven days into my senior year, I decided to try something new. Usually that involves some active effort: purchasing supplies, acquiring a skill set and/or participating in an activity. But this something new was different: it was about ... Read More

How to Adult

How to Adult?

I thought once I started college, I’d have life figured out–or at the very least, I’d have time to do so. I was quickly swept up with deciding my major (English Literature), wondering if I would have time time for a minor (Yes, ... Read More

film festival

YU Hosts First-Ever Student Film Festival

On December 14th, the Yeshiva University Film Club in collaboration with the Office of Student Life hosted the first ever YU short film festival with a turnout of a little over 20 students. While there have been other similar events, such ... Read More


A Syrian Discussion

It is often believed that the only way to attract students to Yeshiva University events is through free food. This month, I was impressed to see this presumption proven incorrect. On a busy Tuesday for YU students, right before the start of ... Read More