Carmelle Danneman Directed, Produced, and Acted in Her Own Award-Winning Short Film

In only nine short minutes, Carmelle Danneman’s debut film Send in the Clowns manages to captivate and tug at the viewer. “I wanted to make this film so that it would remind people to never give up and to never lose hope–and of ... Read More


Being an Observer: A Year in Review From Your Editor in Chief

As I sit behind the table, I look out to the audience of my peers, and nervously await Dean Bacon’s next question to our panel of student leaders. Dean Bacon asks a question that at first makes me go completely still. Suddenly, my ... Read More


The Legacy of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein z’l

On Monday, April 20th, the world lost a Torah giant with the passing of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein. Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion, located in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem, he was the leading figure of Modern Orthodoxy in Israel. ... Read More


Seeing a Professor Anew: An Insight into the Trans and Jewish Narrative of Dr. Joy Ladin

I sat facing east, opposite the Torah ark. A conversation behind me is taking place between two men who I presumed to be Columbia students discussing the finances and politics of YU, rather loudly and audaciously, as students of both ... Read More

Militants of al Shabaab train with weapons on a street in the outskirts of Mogadishu

Al-Shabaab: Terror Rising in Africa

“This is Tobias,” the caption reads. The picture is of a handsome boy in a blue striped shirt, his hand propped under his chin. “He died in #GarissaAttack. To us he’s not a number, he’s a son, bro, friend.” Another ... Read More