Education Is Not Gender-Biased: A Response to Rabbi Willig on Women’s Talmud Torah

Over the summer, one of our own Roshei Yeshiva published a derasha on Parashat Eikev entitled “Trampled Laws.” Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rosh Yeshiva and halacha professor at Yeshiva University, urged his Modern Orthodox readers to ... Read More


Roading With the Homies: A Road Trip Memoir

The main reason I wanted my license in high school was to go on an epic road trip. I envisioned my friends and I driving cross-country to California, jamming out while our long locks whipped in the wind. We would pig out, camp out, and ... Read More


YU’s TAMID Group Deals with Expanding Popularity on Campus

Over Labor Day weekend while most Stern and YC students were enjoying their day off, Ariel Mintz (YC ’16), Ezra Kapetansky (SYMS ’16), Daniel Goldsmith (YC ’16) and Rebecca Saragossi (SYMS ’16) flew to Ann Arbor, Michigan for ... Read More

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A Chat with the President: Richard Joel on the Decision to Leave His Position

On Thursday, September 10th, two major announcements regarding the future of Yeshiva University were made. One, that the Einstein- Montefiore partnership was a done deal. The second, more “attention- grabbing” of the two- that YU ... Read More


In Defense of the English Major

I am a self-proclaimed nerd of the English variety. I have always loved reading, analyzing what I have read and then discussing it with someone else. (Mind you, their opinions do not have to mirror my own, just as long as they respect my ... Read More