Am I YU?

Apparently, I don’t have enough school spirit. And it’s not just me, but every student on the Beren campus. At least, so I’ve been reliably informed by a member of the administration. The I am YU fundraiser ended just a short while ... Read More


Better Than it Ever Was: Journalism in the Internet Age

A few weeks ago, I read an article from the New York Magazine called The Case Against the Media, By The Media. It was a long collection of interviews with various well-known journalists, authors, and newspaper editors. In the transcripts, ... Read More

Bench By The Road

No Small Bench By the Road: The Story of Brister Freeman

If you follow the trail signs through the Hapgood-Wright parking lot in Concord, Massachusetts, you will soon find yourself on a curated interpretive trail called, “Thoreau’s Path on Brister’s Hill.” Walking along this path, you are ... Read More

kaplan-young big

Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan: A Reconstructionist’s Surprising Impact on Modern Orthodoxy

Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, one of the most famous rabbis of the 20th century, is perhaps most well known as the founder of Reconstructionism, a new denomination of Judaism that seeks to embrace modernity while maintaining a respect for Jewish ... Read More


Consequences of the Little Mistakes: A Review of ‘Indignation’

Indignation, an adaptation of the novel by Philip Roth, delivers. The film begins with two seemingly unrelated scenes: soldiers in the midst of the Korean War, and an elderly woman staring emptily at a floral-patterned wall while receiving ... Read More