“A Nod To Tradition:” An Interview with Lone Soldier and Recent Memoirist, Jonathan Sidlow

I recently spoke with Yeshiva College student, Jonathan Sidlow, about his experience in the Israel Defense Force as a Lone Soldier. Sidlow recently published a memoir, What Was Once a Dream— a journalistic collection that graphically and ... Read More


Poetry Slam Newbie: Interview with Chris Lilley

Every Wednesday night, the Nuyorican Poets Café, located in the East Village, hosts a poetry slam, and for only ten dollars, you can listen to incredibly compelling people share their thoughts on anything. The venue is cozy and relaxed, ... Read More


True Bluestocking

A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to check out a bookstore on the Lower East Side called Bluestockings. The store, devoted to feminism and social activism, takes its name from the women’s group called the Blue Stocking Society that ... Read More


A Review of “Why Open Orthodoxy Is Not Orthodox”

As its title would suggest, the book takes decisive aim at the Open Orthodox movement, a term first used by the founder Rabbi Avi Weiss in 1997 to describe a new approach to Orthodox Judaism that seeks to commit to both halachic observance ... Read More


Neglecting Halacha in the Halachic Community

“Oh, but you went to a modern school: how do you know so much halacha?” My roommate’s guest is sitting at our kitchen table, adjusting her skirt to cover her calves, already cloaked in tights. She asserts my upbringing and hashkafic ... Read More