Talia Lakritz (left) at Columbia on the Day of Action

Carrying That Weight: Domestic Abuse Awareness on Campus

I feel self-conscious carrying my pillow down Lexington Avenue. I feel like everyone is staring at me. I bring it everywhere, to the bathroom, to the cafeteria. I don’t get a break. But neither does she. This is what it means to carry ... Read More

Joseph "Joe" Lieberman, a former United States Senator from Connecticut

Judaism Inspires Leadership: Joseph Lieberman’s Inaugural Lecture

Look around the halls of Stern, YC, and Syms, and you’ll see future doctors, teachers, therapists, and accountants, among others. But there is one highly impacting career path that often does not manifest itself in the college classroom, ... Read More


When Your Caf Card Stands between You and Your Community

I habitually check my caf card balance when buying dinner so I can keep track of how many caf dollars I’ve spent that day. Though I haven’t changed my eating habits, I’ve started to cringe when looking at my balance for one reason: ... Read More


Fiscal Saving Leads to Decreased Club Events at Stern

When a freshman arrives at Stern, one of her initial exposures to college life is the Club Fair, where the umpteen club leaders that are under the jurisdictions of the Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC), the Torah Activities ... Read More


Shame and the Negiah Narrative

“What will you think of me if I am physical with him? Will you still think of me as a good person? Will you still really respect me?” Her questions astonished me. We had been friends for a long time. I knew our friendship was strong. ... Read More