The Real Information Behind GPATS Changes

The recent Commentator article entitled New Proposed Changes to GPATS Threaten Women’s Learning at Yeshiva University created quite a stir in the YU community and beyond. However, the article failed to include any authoritative sources ... Read More


Gila Manolson Responds to The Magic Touch: Banning the Right Books

Dear YU Observer: A year ago, someone forwarded to me the February 19, 2013 article by Tali Adler about my book The Magic Touch, entitled “The Magic Touch: Banning the Right Books.” I didn’t reply because, aside from the ... Read More


In Conversation with Scholar of Jewish Studies Malka Simkovich, Stern ‘04

What year did you graduate YU, and what did you major in during your time here? I graduated Stern in 2004 with a double major – one in Jewish Studies, concentrating in Bible, and a shaped major in Music Theory. What have you done ... Read More


Dr. Raffel: A Teacher, A Mentor, A Friend, An Inspiration

There are so many things that Dr. Charles Raffel was for his students every year.  Beyond simply his personal and professional accomplishments, Dr. Raffel had a profound effect on the students who took his classes – whether they were ... Read More


Does Money Empower or Victimize?

Perhaps one of the most opinionated writers of the twentieth century has been the beloved, hated, and all-around controversial Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and many others. Her strong libertarian views have assisted ... Read More