Is it Ever Acceptable to Part Ways with Piety? A Look Into Maintaining the Letter of the Law

In the most recent “separate seating” controversy, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah on an El Al flight leaving Israel, a Hareidi man refused to sit next to the woman sitting in the assigned seat next to him. Hysteria quickly spread: a large ... Read More


Rumor Has It: ISIS at Yeshiva University

When Yeshiva University informed its students of heightened security over the holiday break, a rumor circulated that this was in part the result of a threat the school received from ISIS. Security declined to say much on the matter, but a ... Read More


Ice Bucket Challenge: What’s ALS Really All About?

This past summer, everyone from former President George W. Bush to Yeshiva University President Richard M. Joel accepted a challenge. The challenge—aimed to raise funds and awareness for ALS—was embraced by politicians, celebrities, ... Read More


Waiting on Tables, Waiting for Respect

“You have a new table at 42, Sarita.” I go to the fridge to get pickles, coleslaw, ketchup, and mustard, and make my way across the dining room to table 42. About fifteen feet away, I stop. It’s a girl I know from Stern, out to eat ... Read More


Bit by Byte: The Rise and Fall of Computer Science at Stern

In these tech-driven times, some knowledge in computer science is a must for any field. Medical researchers use complex algorithms to map genomes and model the living cell, psychologists evaluate information about their patients, and even ... Read More