Proposed Merger Raises Questions With Answers Hard to Find

In a further attempt to cut costs at Yeshiva University, President Richard Joel announced just days ago at a town hall meeting that the faculties of the Arts and Sciences Departments on both YU’s uptown and downtown campuses would ... Read More

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault: Giving Voice to Victims in Our Communities

She insisted on meeting me in my dorm. “It’s hard to blame anyone specific,” she explained, “but I feel pressured to date and marry. Not just anyone, but this guy needs a prestigious career which can cover the exorbitant cost of day ... Read More


Expanding the “Yeshiva” of Yeshiva University

On March 18th, 2015 President Joel met with a group of Stern College students to discuss the future of Yeshiva University, and specifically Stern College. At the meeting, President Joel emphasized the vital role that the traditional style ... Read More


Dispelling Rumors on the SCW Campus: A Conversation with Dean Bacon

Over the past month, major changes have been proposed on the Yeshiva College campus. These include the cutting of the First Year Writing Seminar (FYSM) down to one semester and a reduction to the number of Judaic Studies requirements. The ... Read More


Facing the Inevitable: Reflections on Our Jewish Community

Lately, graduation and life post-Stern has been on my mind. In nervous anticipation for the future, and with a sense of nostalgia, I’ve begun to reflect upon my personal college experience. One of my recent reflections was prompted by a ... Read More