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Sexism, YU and the Student Newspapers

People like to talk about how we live in a data driven society, but I don’t think we really do. After all, every day, I see people ignore overwhelming data in favor of their own biases and misconceptions. Take the view of women at this ... Read More

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YU Students React to the JOFA Conference

At 9:00 am on Sunday, January 15th, over 1,200 men and women crowded into the Roone Arledge Auditorium of Columbia University. The many rows of seats were quickly taken, and a host of stragglers filed upstairs to fill the overflow seating ... Read More


Coverage of the Battery Park Protest

NEW YORK. This past Sunday, January 29th, a protest was held in response to President Trump’s recent executive order to ban incoming immigrants, a ban that specifically targets Muslim refugees. After a tumultuous day at the JFK Airport, ... Read More

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My Family Came as Refugees

My family came to this country as refugees. Yes, a Jewish family. Yes, in the more recent years. Try the 1980’s-90’s. They were leaving the Soviet Union, an oppressive regime, for the United States, a country of foreign nature, but ... Read More

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Increasing Percentage of Students Visit Counseling Center

Based on data collected from 2007-2016, the YU Counseling Center has confirmed a steady increase in the proportion of students utilizing its psychological and psychiatric services. It is currently seeing a notable 20-25% of the ... Read More