Mon Voyage à Paris

What a whirlwind my ten-day trip to Paris was! Let me rewind. Having never been to Paris before, I was eager to sign up to take a course there when Stern offered its students a once in a lifetime chance to go. To be honest, it didn’t ... Read More


The Power of a Headline: Reflections on the Summer and the Year Ahead

This summer, I experienced a rare moment of writer’s block. I had great difficulty choosing a subject for this month’s editorial. I went back and forth between two major issues that deserve equal recognition in this month’s issue: the ... Read More

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A Significant Step towards Financial Stability: Seth Moskowitz and Jacob Harman Appointed as New VPs

As part of Yeshiva University’s continuing initiative to develop a more sustainable university model, the Office of the President announced two new appointments to the administrative leadership over the summer.  A June 2nd email ... Read More


What Montefiore-Einstein Merger Means for Pre-Med Students

Pre-med students with their sights on YU medical school encountered a twist on the road from B.A. to M.D. this May, when the university announced a merger between its Albert Einstein College of Medicine and New York’s Montefiore Health ... Read More


Yeshiva Students Find Their Way During Ongoing Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

When the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) launched its offensive, Operation Protection Edge, their country filled with a constant stream of sirens only lulled by temporary ceasefires from a fusillade of rockets. The mission, whose aim is to ... Read More