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When the Messenger Goes Too Far

From sex-scandals to budget cuts to credit downgrades, Yeshiva University has had one hell of a year. Student programs have been cut and downsized, and class sizes have gradually increased as course selections have decreased. At the recent ... Read More


Interfaith Experiences, Individual Growth

In a recent article in the Observer Rachel Renz defends her decisions to attend a Catholic Christmas Eve service and to write about her experiences in a medium representing a Modern Orthodox institution.  Renz notes with disappointment ... Read More


Banning the “H” Word

The “H” word is one that is commonly thrown around our circles. Heretic. Often the label is bestowed in jest, sometimes more seriously, but the use of the “H” word always comes about in the same way: someone brings up a religious ... Read More


How Do We Compare? The Jewish Intellectual Experience Beyond YU

A Los Angeles native, Noah Greenfield is a graduate of Gush, the Yeshiva College Honors Program, Revel and RIETS.  He is a PhD candidate in Jewish Studies at UC Berkeley and a JD candidate at Yale Law School. He is also the co-founder and ... Read More


Stern Dramatics Society Triumphs in The Tempest

For the Stern College Dramatics Society, art imitated life with their exceptional performance of The Tempest, and not only because it ended, like a CJF trip to a distant land, with an engagement. Just as the protagonist Prospero was ... Read More