The Dangers of YUConnect-ing on the Undergraduate Campus

“So, you go to Stern to get your M.R.S degree?” My usual response to this common yet offensive question entails an eye roll, a dismissive laugh, or an attempt to begin to explain that there is so much more to being a student at Stern ... Read More


Students Respond to the Har Nof Attack

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014. Yet another day to live on in infamy, another tragedy to add to our cup of sorrows, already overflowing. Students of Stern College woke up to the gut-wrenching news that two arab terrorists, armed with guns, ... Read More


Searching for Kindness: Reactions to the Events Surrounding Ferguson and Eric Garner

I was raised in an equal opportunity home where I was encouraged not to discriminate based on the color of someone’s skin, and I grew up in a community where derogatory comments were frequent and racist remarks almost as common as ... Read More


Bill Cosby: When Role Models Disappoint

Bill Cosby. The family man. Actor, producer and one of the only stand-up comedians whose humor is clean enough to play in a car full of children. And now, alleged rapist. Creator of The Cosby Show and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Bill ... Read More


Being Chabad on Campus

When I tell people that I attend Stern College, they automatically assume that like the majority of the Yeshiva University student body, I am Modern Orthodox. I usually just smile, or shrug, or nod a vague affirmative. I don’t even bother ... Read More