Gwen Ifill and Her Impact on Journalism

There are few individuals in the world to whom one can point and say with certainty that they changed their field of work. Most people enter a profession and make a living, some even excel in their field, yet few revolutionize it. Gwen ... Read More


Is the Fight For Civil Rights Basically Over?

“…the fight over Civil Rights is basically over. The Supreme Court struck down public discrimination, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 struck down private discrimination, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 instituted protections of minority ... Read More


2016: A Year in Memoriam

If the media is to be believed, we’re living in Orwellian times. As a society, it seems that we’ve arrived at an intersection between 1984 and Animal Farm: an era where we can’t tell the difference between man and pig, where “the ... Read More


Election Viewing Party

Wilf Campus, a bipartisan event. Students are invited to attend and watch the election. Enter Stern students.    He approached her, immediately asking if she’s a “crazy, left-winger, a liberal.” The smirk on his face. He is a YC ... Read More


Controversy Through the Ages

Hamilton fans have been in an uproar ever since Mike Pence decided to attend the revolutionary themed Broadway musical. The second he entered the room, he was met with more boos than the cheers that he was expecting. At curtain call, as ... Read More