#MoreThanMyRing: Merchav Batuach Expands

Merchav Batuach, an initiative to create safe spaces and stop aggression against the LGBQT+ individuals on college campuses, has been met by Stern and YC students with open arms (pun-intended). With students spreading awareness and acting ... Read More


Y Haven’t U Heard? Purim Edition

YU Decides to Sell SCW after Einstein Merger Fails to Produce Sufficient Profit In the aftermath of the Einstein-Montefiore merger, many faculty members and students thought that the deep financial predicament facing YU was on the mend. ... Read More

birth control

Jewish Law Stands for Itself: A Response to The Jewish Week

Birth control, Feminism, and a Rabbi. These four words glare throughout a recent article published by the The New York Jewish Week written by Stern College alumnus Hannah Dreyfus. She addressed a shiur given by Rabbi Moshe Kahn, talmud ... Read More

change for chance_0

To Change or Not to Change? Questioning the Title of “The Observer”

Over the course of the year, we as editors have been confronted with an interesting question. “Why do the men comment on what is going on within the university, while the women merely observe?” The basis for this question lies in the ... Read More


The next Step towards Solving the Financial Crisis: Departments Urged to Cut Costs

Much of the recent discussion about YU’s finances has surrounded the anticipated merger between YU’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and New York’s Montefiore Health System, an agreement which would cede $50 million of YU’s debt ... Read More