free speech

On Free Speech and Silencing It

I don’t like censorship. In writing, I tend to err on the side of incaution. After all, that is precisely the point of a free press. It is not to stifle voices, but to allow them to speak up, whether or not we agree with all those ... Read More


La La Land: Transcending Nostalgia

To begin, a confession: like many true freshmen, I pride myself on my contrarianism. There’s some nebulous, faux-superior quality to a fleshed-out opinion that goes against the grain, especially when it regards a popular work of fiction. ... Read More

Mindy Schwartz

The OU Statement on Women: A Stern Student’s Perspective

About a year ago the Orthodox Union (OU) commissioned a rabbinic panel of seven prominent Orthodox rabbis to address the topic of female clergy in Orthodox synagogues. After meeting among themselves and with many other community leaders and ... Read More


Gun Control: Reasonable or Restrictive?

Republicans: Gun Control is Not Crime Control There has been no shortage of gun-related crimes in the past few months, let alone in the last decade. Just like Democrats, Republicans recognize this fact. What distinguishes the views of the ... Read More

Westboro press release

Westboro Baptist Church to Stop at Yeshiva University

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group based out of Topeka, Kansas, stated on Tuesday its intentions to protest on Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus next month. In a press release posted on Twitter this morning, the group ... Read More