An aerial view of Washington, D.C., focusing on the United States Capitol.

The Fight for the American Museum of Women’s History

Out of the 2,400 National Historic Landmarks in the United States, 5% are dedicated to a woman’s achievement. There are 5,193 public statues in the country, but only 294 are statues of women. The National Parks Service maintains ... Read More


The UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements

On December 23rd, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed a resolution condemning the construction of Israeli settlements, the first resolution to do so in thirty-six years. Resolutions against Israel sometimes seem to be a dime a ... Read More


You and Your _____ Agenda

A Facebook post involving a politically relevant article. Many comments. Discourse ensues, with patronizing comments masked to appear as a form of dialogue. Each party claims they’ve been deemed irrelevant and dismissed by the other. ... Read More


Commuters Distressed Over New Dorm Policy

Commuters at Stern are growing concerned over recently implemented security measures that prohibit them from entering the dorms without being signed in. The new policy, which was not officially announced, was brought to light when Stern ... Read More


Forgetting Decency at Yeshiva University

Ben Shapiro ended his widely attended speech at Yeshiva University on Monday night, December 5th, with a bold statement: “I preach decency… If you act like a mentsch you should be treated like a mentsch.” Sitting in the audience, ... Read More