Being Unorthodox in an Orthodox World

It’s a Monday afternoon. I sit in the cafeteria, drinking my second cup of coffee for the day and catching up on the latest episode of Madam Secretary that I missed the night before. As I take a sip, I look around at my surroundings. ... Read More


Summer Tuition Raised as Number of Courses is Increased

As YU increases its number of summer course offerings from thirty-four in 2016 to forty-five in 2017, it has also upped tuition by $15, from $525 per credit in 2016 to $540 per credit in 2017. In addition to the continuing $200 in ... Read More


The Stigma Against Satisfaction: Looking at Women’s Sexual Health Through the Ages

There is a variety of topics that the discussion of which is considered to be taboo in Modern Orthodox Judaism. From questions regarding belief in God to eating at non-kosher restaurants but keeping a kosher kitchen at home, there is no ... Read More

Serenity of NYC

The Serenity of Being Alone in NYC

Shia LaBeouf said it best: Just do it. Thinking back over my three years spent at Stern, I realized that there were a lot of opportunities missed. And the opportunities that I was lucky to experience are what my favorite memories consist ... Read More

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch “13 Reasons Why”

Earlier this month, a friend’s 12-year-old sister told me about an “amazing” new show that she had just binge watched. I was intrigued, assuming it was something predictable for her age.  When she said “13 Reasons Why,” my jaw ... Read More