Articles by Abby Adler

Daybreaker NYC: A Morning Worth Waking Up For


When given the opportunity for a couple of extra hours of sleep, the average college student would take it in a heartbeat. Normally, we would embrace those extra hours of sleep, but on this particular glorious morning of April 5th, Daybreaker NYC was in town, and that was an unforgettable experience we just couldn’t pass […]

Heck Yeah, Stern Can Dance!

Stern Dance

If you’re still wondering if Stern students can dance, then you definitely haven’t seen the show. As someone who has participated in the show as both a dancer and a choreographer the past couple of years, I may be a biased source, but let’s be real—I’m just stating the facts. So You Think Stern Can […]

Lost at Sea: Winter Break with Royal Caribbean

Cruise 2

On January 15th, 2017, five young college students, worn out from the previous semester and desperately seeking refuge and adventure, embarked on a journey known as the Royal Caribbean 5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise. The Navigator of the Seas is the large, trusty steed that was responsible for steering them through the deep waters to […]

A Spellbound Ode to EDM


I’m cramped in between strangers in a small, dark venue by the name of Webster Hall. My face is shoved into random armpits as I desperately try to grasp my friends’ hands so they don’t slip away. Neon ensemble drenched in sweat, pushing my way to the the front as aggressively as a small female […]

South Park’s Take on the Presidential Election.


South Park has always been a refreshingly hilarious take on reality and current events, and they continued that ability, managing to present the ridiculous narrative of presidential election for viewers while remaining bipartisan. Mr. Garrison, previously the third-grade teacher at South Park Elementary School, steps up to the plate as Trump. However, when he reaches […]

Consequences of the Little Mistakes: A Review of ‘Indignation’


Indignation, an adaptation of the novel by Philip Roth, delivers. The film begins with two seemingly unrelated scenes: soldiers in the midst of the Korean War, and an elderly woman staring emptily at a floral-patterned wall while receiving her medications at a nursing home. The opening voiceover of both scenes recounts the “little” mistakes people […]

Post-Finals: A Compact Guide to Fun in the Sun

In a mere couple of weeks, finals will be history: can I get an ayyy-men?! Some of us will be leaving the big, bad city behind for our hometowns, while others are sticking around. Those of us lucky enough to stick around (myself included) have the opportunity to utilize NYC as our very own playground. […]

A Review of the Sixth Season of Shameless


The 6th season of Shameless was a wild ride for the viewers, and it’s going to be tough to find another show to quench our thirst until it comes back for its 7th season. For those that don’t watch the show, the focus is the dysfunctional Gallagher family that lives in the projects of Chicago. […]

The Art of Blogging


The first blog I became familiar with was a fictional blog; meaning, the author behind it was Jenna, the main character on the MTV show Awkward. The blog, “I Am Jenna”, essentially served as the narration of the show and pushed the plot forward. It was a personal blog filled with all her awkward anecdotes, […]

When Miami Gives You Rain, Dance in the Puddles

rain miami

I’ve never been that person who chooses Miami Beach—the classic Jewish destination—for winter break. Usually, I enjoy escaping the Jewish Bubble for a while. I hadn’t been back since the elementary school days, but this year, my heritage finally lured me back to where I belonged. Like everyone else, my friends and I longed to […]