Articles by Ailin Elyasi

YU Introduces EMT Class on Campus


In an effort to create a safer campus, YU’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) club, with the assistance of the club’s director, Dr. Levy Amar, a biology professor at Stern and certified EMT instructor, has established an EMT course at YU that will be offered this spring for the first time on the Beren Campus. An […]

Commemorating Kindness Instead of Hatred: Rabbi Fulda’s Kristallnacht Speech


The Student Holocaust Education Movement (SHEM) commemorates Kristallnacht every year. This year, SHEM teamed up with the YU Family Discovery Club to host Rabbi Dr. Meir Fulda. On November 9th, one hundred people stood in Rubin Shul, waiting for Rabbi Fulda to begin his speech. Looking out at the crowd of people from the podium, […]

Let’s Face It


Most people would like to think that when American voters push aside the curtains and look at the ballot choices this November, we will participate in the democratic process as informed citizens who have carefully assessed both candidates. People would like to think that the democratic process relies on a candidate’s principles and political policies, […]

Priority Matters: A Look Into Climate Change Politics


In the midst of dramatic presidential debates about terrorism and nuclear weapons, the top unasked question might be about climate change. Although the topic of climate change divides Stern students, it unites the Democratic and Republican candidates during the election in a way that rarely occurs: they both agree that it exists. Since losing the […]

Naomi Kohl — Your Sidekick in the Office of Student Life


When students reflect on their time in Yeshiva University, many will talk more about their participation in shabbatons, clubs, and sports teams than about their time spent in classes. Naomi Kohl, who this year has replaced Aliza Abrams Koenig as the director of student life on the Beren campus, is now in charge of making […]