Articles by Ariela Greengart

SCDS Gains Access to Schottenstein Theater


During Richard Joel’s last Beren Campus Town Hall meeting, he made an announcement that surprised not only the theatrical community on campus, but many students who heard it: Schottenstein Theater would be shared between both dramatics societies starting this fall. Until now, Schottenstein Theater, located a few blocks away from the Wilf Campus, only provided […]

A Great Teacher Inspires


I stared at my computer screen completely shaken, my jaw hanging open, shuddering, my eyes reddening with tears that were too raw to fall. When Elizabeth Warren was silenced during the Senate vote concerning Jeff Sessions candidacy for Attorney General, I was sickened. I felt a devastating loss of hope. It reminded me how I […]

Girl Meets Goodbye

Girl M W

The beloved Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, marked the ending of the series with an episode titled “Girl Meets Goodbye.” Tissues were recommended for the inevitable waterworks as fans gathered to watch the end of the show. It was the finale, but no one wanted to say goodbye. When Girl Meets World first aired […]

No Need To Say Hi to ‘Oh Hello’


John Mulaney, in my humble opinion, is a genius comedian. His stand-up leaves me on the floor. I have watched his ‘What’s New Pussycat’ routine so many times that I’m pretty sure I can recite it by heart (if you’ve never heard this bit, your life is not complete). He was a writer for Saturday […]

Controversy Through the Ages


Hamilton fans have been in an uproar ever since Mike Pence decided to attend the revolutionary themed Broadway musical. The second he entered the room, he was met with more boos than the cheers that he was expecting. At curtain call, as Pence was trying to slip out, the cast addressed a politely-worded letter beseeching […]

Bring Me My Halloween Childhood!


The leaves have changed colors, the air is turning brisk and cold, and you’re taking out your sweaters and scarves. You’re bundling up under your blanket with a hot chocolate warming your raw, red hands, while the fireplace sizzles in the corner. You turn on the television, hoping to catch a beloved holiday movie from […]

We’re Teenage Satellites


Imagine sitting shotgun with your best friend, the sun hitting the windshield of your Honda Civic. The volume knob is turned to all the way up as the set-list you have cultivated for months blasts from the stereo. The wind breezes through your hair as you lean against your open window, watching the world as […]

The Summer of The Warped Tour

warped tour

For an annual summer tour that was developed in 1995, Vans Warped Tour continues to stay strong each year. Known as the largest and longest touring concert event, stretching throughout the entirety of North America and select countries in the United Kingdom, Warped features nearly one-hundred bands from the alternative, pop-punk, metal, and alike genres […]