Articles by Chaviva Freedman

The Movie Musical with a Country Twang A Review of Country Crush

Country Crush

For the past few years, the film industry has been digging the musical genre. With movie hits like La La Land and the recent release of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, people flock to movie theaters to get a glimpse of good music, direction and performances. But with all the blockbusters, we sometimes forget […]

Real Talk: My Obsession with Reality Television

If you ask any of my friends for one thing that characterizes me, many would exclaim, “Don’t ask her about her love for reality TV! She’ll go on for a long time about it!” It’s true – I have a deep-rooted love for the stupidity that is this television genre, and I don’t care who […]

The Jewish Intern at the Fashion Magazine

elle mag

I’m standing in front of one of the tallest buildings in New York City—the Hearst Tower. A twinge of nervousness runs through my body. I look around, glance at Columbus Circle to the North, take a deep breath, count to three and go through the revolving door. It’s my first day as an editorial intern […]

In Transit: The Show with the Rhythm of New York City


“I heard that this musical is about the subways of New York,” the lady standing in front of me said to her husband. “What makes this musical different than the other ones?” With In Transit, the newest Broadway musical, it’s not just about the “subways of New York.” It’s about the people that take the […]

Busted, Not the Band I Remember, But Better


As a child, I vaguely remember hearing about the British pop band Busted. Consisting of a trio of rowdy teenage boys, Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne burst onto the scene in 2002. Their agenda: to push the envelope with their music, while still expressing all the thoughts that go through a teenager’s mind. […]

Leading The Fantasticks: A Profile with Cast Members Madison Claire Parks and Andrew Polec


“The perfect musical:” that’s how The Wall Street Journal praised the Off-Broadway show The Fantasticks, and more than fifty years after its premiere in May 1960, people still come to experience the classic every night at The Theater Center. As an intern working on the show, I remember hearing the statement and wondering, how could […]

Real Talk: From Anxiety to Art


It’s a Tuesday evening. You have two papers, math homework and a lab assignment all due at the end of the week. You feel like nothing is going to be done on time and your anxiety levels are through the roof. I’ve been in your position. I live in this position every day. As someone […]

“I’ll Be Right Here”: The Inner Workings of a College Play

courtesy of yeshiva college dramatics society

In the past few months, I’ve been pretty lucky. I had the chance to be the Assistant Stage Manager for the recent production of “I’ll Be Right Here,” performed by the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society. Although I have past experience in the position I held, this play just felt electric to me from start to […]

New York City: The City That Never Stops Filming

The city that never stops filming

Everyone knows this line from the classic Jay-Z song “Empire State of Mind”: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” In New York City alone, there is an abundance of film and television shoots wherever you walk. Some are independent movies with small budgets and relatively unknown casts, while others could be for the top […]

BUILDing a New Platform

John Gallagher Jr. at AOL BUILD - 2-3-16

Suppose your favorite celebrity came to town. You really love their work and always wanted a chance to meet them and tell them how much you admire their work. With AOL’s new BUILD series, the public now has that option. Located downtown, AOL BUILD is a live webstream series set up by parent company AOL […]