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Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Purim

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Shaking those graggers and making a ton of noise in the shul is a MITZVAH!2. No one can tell if you are having a bad hair day. You can always tell them that it’s part of your costume or get up. 3. Purim is SO much easier to spell than Chanukah. I mean how many spellings […]

What is Global Warming?


Do you keep hearing those rumors about global warming, and wondering “Is this all true?” What is global warming, anyway? Is it really happening? Do I need to pack a suitcase and move to the moon? Let’s learn more about this phenomenon and get to the bottom of it. Global warming is a global increase […]

Got Glucose?

Got Glucose

Ever wonder how cancer cells are able to manipulate our body? What is it about cancer cells that disable our body from eliminating them? Let’s take a closer look into the life of a cancer cell. Cancer cells hijack glucose and alter immune cells. Both cancer cells and the immune system compete to utilize the […]

Look Up!

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Did you know the zombie apocalypse is happening right now? Have you seen a whole group of people on their cellular devices making their way through the busy streets of New York? Keeping a conversation going has become a burden, and unfortunately, a difficulty. Most people are not aware that face face interaction has been […]