Articles by Jennifer van Amerongen

Eitz Chayim Hi: Women and The Hachnassat Sefer Torah


One day last year, I received a stream of videos over Whatsapp. The mashgicha ruchanit of my school in Israel, the Beit Midrash for Women at Migdal Oz, had sent me video recordings of the Hachnassat Sefer Torah at Migdal Oz. I teared up as I watched the videos of current students as well as […]

June Zman


This past June, Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program of Advanced Talmud Studies (GPATS) hosted June Zman on the Beren Campus. The June Zman program has existed for a long time on the Wilf Campus. This year, for the first time, it was brought to the Beren campus, thanks to GPATS, the efforts of Mrs. Price and […]