Articles by Jordyn Kaufman

The Y-Studs: They Never Let Us Down


During reading week at Yeshiva University, the beit midrash is packed with students preparing for their finals. At a table by the window, Dafna Meyers puts down her seforim, picks up her headphones and takes a much needed break to listen to “Don’t Let Me Down/Closer,” the Y-Studs’ newest song. She soon has another friend […]

The Halachic Responsibility To Be An LBGT Ally


If I were to stand on one foot and ask you to teach me all of Torah, what would you say? One of the first things I learned when I was becoming religious was the Talmudic passage in which a man goes to Hillel and asks him to teach him all of Torah while he […]

The Truth About The Music Major


“You’re a music major? What instrument do you play?” This is the most common question that Stern College music majors face, and it represents one of the biggest misconceptions about the major.  While accumulating “performance credits” is a piece of the major, it is a small percentage of the total credit count that every music […]

Thanks, But No Thanks: We Already Have Varying Perspectives


Recently, the Yeshiva College newspaper, The Commentator, published an article by Akiva Schick about the need for co-ed classes at Yeshiva University. In its headline, the article cites the reason for this as “the need for varying perspectives.” Schick writes about students in his classes falling silent, “the fatal assent,” because of the similar views […]

What You’re Saying When You Vote for Trump


Maybe you’re shaking your head at the country, wondering how we ended up in a presidential race such as this. Maybe you fully support Clinton or Trump. Either way, I want to explicitly state what you are saying when you cast your ballot for Donald J. Trump on November 8th. If you are okay making […]