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An Interview with the Leaders of the National Women’s History Museum


Two months ago, I wrote an article about the fight for a national museum celebrating the women of this country and their contributions to American history. The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) is an institution based right outside of Washington, D.C that works towards the goal of making this museum a reality. Founded in 1996 […]

The History and Controversy Behind the Second Avenue Subway

Second Ave Subway 1

As New Yorkers celebrated the end of an eventful 2016 and the beginning of the new year, commuters had one more thing to celebrate this New Year’s Day—the opening of the Second Avenue Subway. The $4.5 billion project, which extended the Q line from the existing station at Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street to Second […]

The Fight for the American Museum of Women’s History

An aerial view of Washington, D.C., focusing on the United States Capitol.

Out of the 2,400 National Historic Landmarks in the United States, 5% are dedicated to a woman’s achievement. There are 5,193 public statues in the country, but only 294 are statues of women. The National Parks Service maintains forty-four memorials, and not one is for a woman. In New York City, one of the most […]

What Ben Shapiro Got Wrong About Abortion


In many ways Ben Shapiro’s speech on Monday night was not surprising. It was not surprising that in a speech covering an array of controversial political topics, he chose to tackle the hot-button issue of abortion. It was not surprising that as a proud conservative, Shapiro identifies himself as pro-life. It was also not surprising […]

Post-Election at YU


The 2016 election cycle has been one defined by its vitriolic and polarizing rhetoric. Derogatory words such as “crooked,” “racist,” “deplorable,” “sexist,” and “liar” have become a part of this year’s common vernacular. Politics has become, more than ever, a force that divides people as disrespect and hate have bubbled to the surface of American […]

Gwen Ifill and Her Impact on Journalism


There are few individuals in the world to whom one can point and say with certainty that they changed their field of work. Most people enter a profession and make a living, some even excel in their field, yet few revolutionize it. Gwen Ifill, however, undoubtedly revolutionized journalism. She singlehandedly fought systemic discrimination in the […]

A Close Look at the Supreme Court Vacancy


With November 8th rapidly approaching there are several important issues that are on voters’ minds as they decide for whom they will cast their ballots. These issues include gun laws, abortion rights, approaches to immigration, national security, etc. However, one issue that is on voters’ minds more than during any other presidential election year is […]

Exploring Majors: Art History


As part of a series to help students learn about the different majors available at Stern College, we will focus every month on a different major, its faculty, and students. Last month, we discussed Psychology, one of the more popular majors here at Stern College. This month, we will be exploring a smaller, lesser known […]

Exploring Majors: Psychology

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.09.04 PM

Attending a liberal arts college can be an overwhelming experience for many students, especially in the beginning. There are dozens of majors and minors for students to choose from, with hundreds of career paths available. For an incoming student who has not yet chosen a course of study, declaring a major can be stressful. Three […]