Articles by Melissa Stock

A Revolutionary Change

Melissa Stock

Israel is on track towards revolutionizing the country’s transportation with a new high speed train that runs from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The train will not only decrease travel time but it will also help boost the economy and reduce pollution. It currently takes an average of 78 minutes to travel from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv, but […]

How Dark Circles Develop Under Our Eyes


After staying up late cramming for a test the next day, many of us wake up and must confront the huge bags under our eyes. According to Dr. Carol Clinton, a skincare specialist, both genetics and our environment contribute to our eye bags. Eye bags are generally more noticeable on paler skin because the skin […]

Climate Change and Caffeine


With midterms approaching, most students rely on coffee to keep them going. As a student body, it’s important for us to be informed about the future state of coffee production. Warming temperatures will threaten the production of coffee in every region of the world. A study from the March 2015 issue of the journal Climatic […]

Should You Take a Break from Studying this Semester to Exercise?


We have all been told that exercise is good for us and critical to our health. We all know the physical benefits it produces. Yet, we all still struggle to make the time for it. Aside from relieving stress, which I am sure we all need during the semester, research shows that moderate intensity physical […]