Articles by Miriam Pearl Klahr

When Words Become Alive

Miriam Pearl

The first time I thought seriously and deeply about the black experience in the Unites States was Saturday night. This is an embarrassing admission. After all, I received a classic US History education. I learned about the legality of African and African American slaves in preschool and about the ratification of the thirteenth amendment in […]

Browsing for Books


One of my favorite childhood activities was going to the library with a big tote bag in hand. First, I would rush to the shelves to find specific books I had heard about from friends. And then, the real fun would begin. I would choose a random aisle and just browse. I would run my […]

Creating an Inclusive Beit Midrash


The Beren Campus Beit Midrash has always been a sort sanctuary for me. It has been the setting of many of my most formative moments at Stern: the place where I learn Torah, pray, engage in meaningful conversation and just think. Often, as I look out the room’s large windows and watch the people pass […]

When I Don’t Want to Pray with YU


I took the shuttle uptown unsure of my destination. It was the first night of slichot and I was traveling to the Heights to say prayers of repentance in preparation for Rosh Hashana. The natural choice was to join the official YU minyan, but something inside me resisted. Since my first year at Stern, the […]

Leaving YU to Uncover its Diversity

Leaving YU to discover...

When I chose to attend the Bar Ilan-Yeshiva University Summer Science Research Internship Program, I gave little thought to the fact that it was a YU program.  In fact, I was excited to escape Yeshiva University for the summer. It isn’t that I dislike YU; I like it very much. I just wanted to leave […]

Preparing for Yeshiva University’s Second Annual Hackathon


Today, all college students are familiar with the term “hackathon.” However, the name hackathon, which is a hybrid between the words “hack” and “marathon,” is a fairly new word which was first used in June 1999. Two different companies, OpenBSD and Sun, individually named events where developers came together and developed new programs hackathons. In […]

Stern College’s Most Popular Study Area

Study Area

In December 2015 renovations to the Mendel Gottesman Wilf Campus Library came to a close. While YU is often known to embrace more traditional modes of thinking, the University has taken a surprisingly progressive stance towards libraries. Most people still define the word library as a building used to house books and periodicals, but the […]

The Youth Vote in the U.S.

young voters

One of the most astonishing statistics that emerged from the Iowa Democratic Caucus is that Bernie Sanders received 84% of the vote from voters between the ages of 18-29. At first glance, this may sound like a positive development for his campaign. However, a familiarity with the history of the youth vote in the United […]

Behind the Scenes: Planning Events on Campus

Behind the Scenes

Students of Yeshiva University have the opportunity to partake in numerous events each week. Though some of these events are geared towards the entire student body and visibly planned months in advance, most of the programming that takes place on an average night is run by individual clubs and caters to smaller more specific groups […]

Dean Bacon’s Goals and Aspirations for the Joint Undergraduate Departments of Stern and Yeshiva College


Last year, Yeshiva University announced a merger between the Undergraduate Departments of Stern and Yeshiva College to be led by Dr. Karen Bacon. The specifics and practical ramifications of this decision were not disclosed at the time and as of yet, this change has not impacted students in any significant way. However, Dean Bacon, who […]