Articles by Natasha Bassalian

Coming of Age: A Review of YCDS Production Biloxi Blues

Biloxi Blues, a Neil Simon play performed by Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (YCDS) this spring, tells of the events that unfold after Eugene Morris Jerome, a young man from Brooklyn, enlists in the army at the end of World War Two. Eugene faces many challenges—a difficult commanding officer and social issues within his platoon—all while […]

A City of Cyclists


  As a Brit transplanted to the confines of faraway America at the age of twelve, I’ve always felt awfully lacking in what should have been significant exposure to my European brethren’s lands. On my visits back to London, we would sometimes take short trips as a family to a European destination, but I felt […]

Santa At Selfridges


While walking down Oxford street in the cold of Mid-November, I suddenly found myself staring up in awe at a vast array of lights and greenery. As I approached the mass, I realized I was bearing witness to the legendary Selfridges Christmas window display. I began to look at each window with a mixture of […]

This Election is a Laughing Matter


Saturday Night live grapples with global issues that are often anxiety provoking, by channeling them through an entertaining and humorous viewpoint. The presidential election is no exception. In fact, for many, election years provide some of SNL’s most memorable moments. With all the treachery and scandal, the continuous attack and retaliation, the low blows and […]

Running Culture in NYC


New York City is home to an abundance of unique experiences. Each individual possesses specific interests and hobbies that, when pursued in this vast and plentiful city, can lead a person to new and wonderful discoveries. One might love restaurants, biking, painting, visiting art galleries, dogs, soccer, or yoga: and there is something for them […]

The Intimacy of Yoga: Connecting Mind and Body

The Intimacy of Yoga_Natasha

Intimacy. As human beings, we crave this closeness and understanding between one another. We savor our family ties, we invest in friendships and we seek out significant others with whom we can experience profound and deep intimacy. But what about intimacy with ourselves? It is inevitable that we will be consumed by the surrounding chaos […]

Remembering Ezra Schwartz, z”l

Remembering Ezra Schwartz

Beneath the grey skies of Sharon, Massachusetts, hundreds of tearful mourners gathered at Temple Sinai of Sharon to commemorate the life of their dear friend Ezra Schwartz, who was eighteen years old when his life was brutally extinguished by a hateful terrorist attack in Israel. Ezra’s murder rocked the American community, igniting a pain that […]

Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life

Frida Kahlo, by Guillermo Kahlo

Female Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was an evolutionary artist. She was proud, bold and unapologetic throughout her life and within her work. The Frida Kahlo fall exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens was an exquisite triumph, successfully showcasing the late talent’s remarkable grasp on the natural world. The show was titled Frida Kahlo: Art, […]

Stern Students Respond to Violence and Terror in Israel

Since its declaration of statehood in 1948 Israel has been subject to an exceptionally rich history of war and violence, especially for such a young country. It faces harassment from the outer world, as well as- most threateningly- from within. Tension and hostility constantly hang at a loose thread that sometimes snaps leading to outbursts […]

YU Athletes and Coaches Have High Hopes for Fall Sports

Before students officially begin classes at Yeshiva University, Fall sports are already intensely underway. One week before the start of classes, teams from both the men’s and women’s campuses at YU meet at Camp Kaylie in upstate New York to prepare for the upcoming sports season. The week of training camp, colloquially referred to amongst […]