Articles by Neta Chizhik

Feeding the Keepers of the Text

Feeding the Keepers-Neta

I attended the JOFA conference, a decision that was met with mixed reactions. When fellow peers began to ask me if I would be attending, I started to question the hesitations I’d had with attending the full day conference. What would be so un-halachic? Why did I hold such a grudge against the organization? Why […]

My Family Came as Refugees

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My family came to this country as refugees. Yes, a Jewish family. Yes, in the more recent years. Try the 1980’s-90’s. They were leaving the Soviet Union, an oppressive regime, for the United States, a country of foreign nature, but which promised opportunities and liberties. When they came, after months of rejection, bureaucratic difficulties, social isolation […]

Critique vs. Negativity


A teacher once asked me my opinion on a three-hour lecture series and set of workshops on the subject of tzniut. I was taken aback, surprised that she solicited my thoughts and appeared open to hearing them. I responded carefully, making sure to describe both the strengths and what I thought could be improved in […]

You and Your _____ Agenda


A Facebook post involving a politically relevant article. Many comments. Discourse ensues, with patronizing comments masked to appear as a form of dialogue. Each party claims they’ve been deemed irrelevant and dismissed by the other. “You’re a liberal,” they snicker. And, “You are a racist,” is the retort back. These terms are used so freely […]

Election Viewing Party


Wilf Campus, a bipartisan event. Students are invited to attend and watch the election. Enter Stern students.    He approached her, immediately asking if she’s a “crazy, left-winger, a liberal.” The smirk on his face. He is a YC student. She, a Stern student. He is eager to speak to her about politics, and she […]

Being a Political Science Major During Election Season


This Election Season: everyone has an opinion more so than ever before. Whether you wish to argue that we have never been more polarized in history, or if there has been precedence for worse, this period will no doubt go down in history. For the academics, this is a particularly curious time to study how […]

Neglecting Halacha in the Halachic Community


“Oh, but you went to a modern school: how do you know so much halacha?” My roommate’s guest is sitting at our kitchen table, adjusting her skirt to cover her calves, already cloaked in tights. She asserts my upbringing and hashkafic identity simply by assessing my choice of pajamas. Her wide eyes are so genuine […]