Articles by Peri Zundell

Every Kiss Begins With Kay…and a Lab?


He drops down onto one knee and opens that small, red velvet jewelry box. Your heart quickens, because you can already anticipate what’s inside. You might imagine that diamond was mined from deep, deep underground, and its natural beauty will complement your finger exquisitely. You might imagine how long that diamond sat below the earth’s […]

New Semester Got You Stressed? You’re in Luck

All children know that in order to get that chocolate cake for dessert, they must first endure their broccoli and peas. That’s because all parents know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is absolutely essential for their growing tot. But what is it exactly in these fruits and vegetables that is so good […]

Catch Me If You Can


Do you know what it’s like to chase after someone playing hard to get? For decades, that’s exactly how researchers felt about KRas, a cancer-causing protein. Fortunately, researchers have finally made some progress in developing pharmaceutical drugs to target this ever-elusive protein. They haven’t quite “gotten the girl” yet, but they are cautiously optimistic. Initially, […]