Articles by Rebecca Kerzner

Why Deli Kasbah Might Just Be the Best Restaurant Ever

Deli Kasbah .00_jpg_srz

My first time at Deli Kasbah was with my family. It was during orientation week, my very first year at Stern. My older sister took me and my other sister to a restaurant which she told us was without a doubt “the best restaurant ever.” It was only my second or third day in New […]

Millenial Passion for Succulents Explained


Around mid- October this year, Trader Joe’s sold little succulents in pumpkin shaped china pots. Naturally, I was enthralled by the cuteness and promptly bought one of the green ones with orange tips. By the checkout, the cashier asked me if I wanted it in the bag or out of the bag, and I answered […]

Why By CHLOE is worth obsessing over


If you are a basic white girl and into eating food, then you’ve definitely heard of By Chloe. But if you’re not, let me introduce you to arguably the best kosher breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner restaurant of all time. When one walks through the glass doors, they can immediately feel the freshness of […]

FINALLY Taking Advantage of Our City


This is my third year attending Stern, and so I’ve met most of the different types of people around here, and one thing I’ve realized about much of the student body is this: They do not take advantage of the excitement and adventures New York City has to offer. It’s no secret that every first […]

The Birthright Bug: Not Just a High


This past summer I went on the quintessential Jewish trip: Birthright. Although it was my second time in Israel, I still thoroughly enjoyed the usual, touristy activities, which I participated in across the country: hiking the Golan, stargazing by Bedouin tents, and floating in Yam HaMelach. I returned home raving to my friends about the […]