Articles by Ruthie Klein

Hisoriri Program Development Continues

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Albany, New York. Rockville, Maryland. Bayonne, New Jersey. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Harrison, New York. Paramus, New Jersey. Yardley, Pennsylvania. Livingston, New Jersey. Holyoke, Massachusetts. Stony Brook, New York. All these cities have something in common: Hisoriri. A volunteer-driven group of Jewish students, Hisoriri has one goal: “rejuvenating Shabbat, together.” It sends coed groups of four […]

Mayor of Jerusalem Addresses Yeshiva University Students


Over 200 students and faculty gathered in Weissberg Commons, anticipating the words of Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat. President Joel welcomed him as “the man who is planting the new Jerusalem.” Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem since his election in 2008, has held many roles in serving the people of Israel: philanthropist, entrepreneur, and politician. At […]

President Joel Addresses Stern Students at Town Hall Meeting


At the beginning of Club Hour on Wednesday, November 2nd, President Joel entered Yagoda Commons with a smile on his face and friendly greetings to students and administration, who had gathered to attend a Town Hall meeting. He began his remarks with a congenial, “I hope you all had wonderful chagim.” President Joel proceeded to […]

Israel: Where Clinton and Trump Stand


As Election Day approaches, disparities between the Republican and Democratic candidates for president become ever more conspicuous. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ enormously in their views, especially in areas such as immigration, healthcare, and the economy. Early voting has demonstrated a tremendous turnout of American citizens, far greater than the turnout in 2012. In […]

Flooding in Louisiana: Yeshiva University Students Help Rebuild


After prolonged rainfall in mid-August of this year, flooding in Louisiana began. It wreaked havoc, leaving thirteen dead, houses destroyed, pets abandoned, and thousands in shelters. Yeshiva University promptly organized a volunteer mission for students to help with relief and rebuilding efforts. Twelve YU students traveled to Baton Rouge and spent the entire Labor Day […]

Counterpoint: Nowhere but Here, There

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One of the many summer trips that Yeshiva University has to offer is Counterpoint Israel, a stimulating program that has educated hundreds of students since its conception. Counterpoint, an initiative of the Center for Jewish Future, seeks to teach underprivileged Israeli children English. Counselors organize activities and trips that utilize English vocabulary in order to […]

Israel Week at YU Unites Students

A deluge of Israel-oriented activities organized by all Israel-related clubs on campus greeted Yeshiva University students from April 10-15. This phenomenon, known as “Israel Week”, was an inspiring and exciting opportunity for students to come together in support of Israel, which has in recent times seen brutal stabbings and tragic car rammings, as well as […]

An Insight into the True Freshman


At most other colleges, the term “true freshman” doesn’t exist. At Yeshiva University, though, true freshmen live among many other students who have spent a year or more in Israel. A small population in comparison to the significantly larger sophomore, junior, and senior classes, true freshmen experience different setbacks than the average Stern/YC student, but […]

YU Kumztiz Takes Over Times Square

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Bright lights, loud noise, many people—those are descriptions of Times Square on a typical night. But on Sunday night, November 1st, every single one of those things was intensified. The Sunday night kumztiz for Israel in Times Square was led by student Aryeh Tiefenbrunn and the Y-Studs. Jews and non-Jews from around the world danced, […]

Yeshiva University Medical Ethics Society’s Ninth Annual Conference

The Yeshiva University Medical Ethics Society’s ninth annual conference took place on Sunday, October 25th, 2015. Eight highly-credentialed and esteemed panelists spoke to an eager audience on topics related to pediatric mental and physical health. Rabbi Dr. Barry Holzer and Dr. David Pelcovitz spoke on the first panel, titled “The Role of Family and Friends […]