Articles by Shoshy Ciment

The Border Wall: Isolationism or Safety?


These articles are the first in a new series, in which YU Republicans and Democrats will deconstruct and explain a new policy position every month. In this edition, they tackle the proposed border wall.  Democrats: Build Bridges, Not Walls President Donald J. Trump is a man of many promises. Throughout his unprecedented campaign and shocking […]

Clue: Behind the Scenes of A Staged Reading


On a dark and stormy evening, six wealthy guests walked into the mansion of an unknown host, never to be the same again. This very story unraveled before the students of Yeshiva University on Thursday night at 9 pm in Furst 501. It was here that the men and women of YCDS performed the staged […]

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Ranks Among Rowling’s Classics


Yes. It’s that fantastic. Last week, children and adults alike broke out their old wands and robes and headed to the movies once again to witness the opening of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the first of a brand new five movie series written and produced by J.K. Rowling. The latest addition to […]

Where Does It Stop?: Extra Time on Standardized Tests


In a world where grade inflation is rampant, the College Board needs a way to objectively test aptitude and ability. Enter the SAT, a standardized test created as a national gauge for aptitude. Although the SAT was and remains somewhat flawed, it got the job done for many years. However, with the introduction of special […]

Stranger Things as a Summer Binge


This summer, I started a new show. Let me preface this by saying that I am not a big TV watcher or Netflix user. However, as a massive fan of Stephen King, 80s movies, and cheesy haircuts, I knew it was my duty to give Stranger Things a try, at the very least. For those […]