Articles by Talia Bassali

April of the Penguins

April of the Penguins

On April 25, 2017, penguin lovers around the world celebrated World Penguin Day. This annual international holiday coincides with the northward migration of penguins for the summer season. While this day is a happy and adorable one—because who doesn’t love penguins?!—it is accompanied by a sad tone too, as the day raises awareness that our […]

Central Park: The Callosum Commissure of East and West


As a lover of New York City and an admirer of the human brain, it is only natural that I draw parallels between the two, right? As I learn more about both my favorite city (more accurately, the borough of Manhattan) and the most fascinating organ of the body, I see an increasing number of […]

A Musical Kind of Mindfulness


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who is in touch with my feelings. I wear my heart on my sleeve: my friends always know if I’m in a good or bad mood and I have no problem crying my eyes out over a sad book or movie. And like most people I know, my […]

Screen-Dating: Speeding Up the Shidduch Process


In a pending million-dollar collaboration, JDate, a well-known dating site for Jewish singles, is rumored to be partnering with JScreen, a non-profit genetic screening program. With this new technology,  upon subscribing and signing up for a JDate profile, users are immediately mailed a swab kit from Emory University’s JScreen to screen for several Jewish genetic […]

From France to Israel: Fighting the Fear

From France to Israel

The tragedy in Paris on November 13, 2015 left us all in shock and sadness. Just minutes before the attack, people were spending their leisurely weekend hours just like any of us would: enjoying a concert, watching a game, sipping on wine. Then all of a sudden, in a single night, fear pervaded the streets […]

Connecting the Dots: What You Need to Know About the Mashadi Community


It is an old, commonly- told story; the story of Jewish communities in exile being persecuted in a foreign land, the people’s lives in danger because of their religion. It is a story of heroes who stubbornly fought for their faith and were even killed for it. It is a story that goes back generations […]

The Honors Program Takes Lincoln Center

On Thursday evening, February 27th, the students of the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program had the unique privilege of attending a ballet at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, along with the director of the Honors Program, Dr. Cynthia Wachtell. The performance lasted two hours and consisted of three different ballet pieces: Bal de Couture, […]