Articles by Tzippy Baitch

Commuters Distressed Over New Dorm Policy


Commuters at Stern are growing concerned over recently implemented security measures that prohibit them from entering the dorms without being signed in. The new policy, which was not officially announced, was brought to light when Stern student Ruchie Gross posted about it on the schoolwide Facebook group “Stern College: In the Know.” Gross, who is […]

Colonel Gruber Visits Stern College


Eight seconds. This is the time frame that an IDF soldier has when he needs to make a snap ethical decision in the field. Equipped with the IDF’s code of ethics, the soldier must decide: shoot or don’t shoot. The YU Israel Club brought in Colonel Bentzi Gruber on November 7th to talk about this—as […]

An Election of Paranoia and Conspiracy


Allegations of election rigging, voter fraud, and Russian hacking have helped turn this election season into a string of conspiracy theories. However, unlike the meme identifying Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer, these theories are genuinely striking a chord with voters. A chief example of this is a recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, which surveyed nearly […]

Candy Crush Secrets: Unwrapped

candy crush

Allow me to set the scene: you’ve been locked out of Candy Crush following five failed attempts. You must now wait thirty minutes to return to Candyland, but you’re antsy, because you’ve just figured out a winning strategy. You say to yourself: No biggie, I can wait. But you can’t. You start thinking: A dollar […]