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Heck Yeah, Stern Can Dance!

Stern Dance

If you’re still wondering if Stern students can dance, then you definitely haven’t seen the show. As someone who has participated in the show as both a dancer and a choreographer the past couple of years, I may be a biased source, but let’s be real—I’m just stating the facts. So You Think Stern Can […]

Science, Sin, and Censorship. A Review of SCDS Production Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind SCDS

I had no idea what to expect as I waited in the ticket line to see my first Stern College Dramatics Society (SCDS) production. All I knew was that the play revolved around the theme of every person’s freedom to teach and to learn—that was all it took to get my full attention. I come […]

The Movie Musical with a Country Twang A Review of Country Crush

Country Crush

For the past few years, the film industry has been digging the musical genre. With movie hits like La La Land and the recent release of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, people flock to movie theaters to get a glimpse of good music, direction and performances. But with all the blockbusters, we sometimes forget […]

A New Take on the Tale as Old as Time A Review of the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast


The theater sits in awed silence as a huge, ornate castle appears on screen and a voiceover begins to tell the story that, for most growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s, was a staple of their childhood. This is the new, live-action film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. When going to see the […]

Looking Back on a Piece of History The Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel has been a piece of Manhattan history since it opened its doors in 1931. When the news broke last year that the hotel would be closing its doors for renovations, it seemed like very few people took it seriously. This is in sharp contrast to when The Plaza Hotel made the […]

Coming of Age: A Review of YCDS Production Biloxi Blues

Biloxi Blues, a Neil Simon play performed by Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (YCDS) this spring, tells of the events that unfold after Eugene Morris Jerome, a young man from Brooklyn, enlists in the army at the end of World War Two. Eugene faces many challenges—a difficult commanding officer and social issues within his platoon—all while […]

Why Deli Kasbah Might Just Be the Best Restaurant Ever

Deli Kasbah .00_jpg_srz

My first time at Deli Kasbah was with my family. It was during orientation week, my very first year at Stern. My older sister took me and my other sister to a restaurant which she told us was without a doubt “the best restaurant ever.” It was only my second or third day in New […]

A City of Cyclists


  As a Brit transplanted to the confines of faraway America at the age of twelve, I’ve always felt awfully lacking in what should have been significant exposure to my European brethren’s lands. On my visits back to London, we would sometimes take short trips as a family to a European destination, but I felt […]

La La Land: Transcending Nostalgia


To begin, a confession: like many true freshmen, I pride myself on my contrarianism. There’s some nebulous, faux-superior quality to a fleshed-out opinion that goes against the grain, especially when it regards a popular work of fiction. By the time I came around to viewing La La Land, I had already been exposed to both […]

Real Talk: My Obsession with Reality Television

If you ask any of my friends for one thing that characterizes me, many would exclaim, “Don’t ask her about her love for reality TV! She’ll go on for a long time about it!” It’s true – I have a deep-rooted love for the stupidity that is this television genre, and I don’t care who […]