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A City of Cyclists


  As a Brit transplanted to the confines of faraway America at the age of twelve, I’ve always felt awfully lacking in what should have been significant exposure to my European brethren’s lands. On my visits back to London, we would sometimes take short trips as a family to a European destination, but I felt […]

La La Land: Transcending Nostalgia


To begin, a confession: like many true freshmen, I pride myself on my contrarianism. There’s some nebulous, faux-superior quality to a fleshed-out opinion that goes against the grain, especially when it regards a popular work of fiction. By the time I came around to viewing La La Land, I had already been exposed to both […]

Real Talk: My Obsession with Reality Television

If you ask any of my friends for one thing that characterizes me, many would exclaim, “Don’t ask her about her love for reality TV! She’ll go on for a long time about it!” It’s true – I have a deep-rooted love for the stupidity that is this television genre, and I don’t care who […]

Archie in Real Life: A Review of Riverdale


If you thought the alternate universe edition of Archie Comics, where he is married to Betty in some and then Veronica in the others were weird, then get ready to be weirded out and oddly comforted at the same time by Riverdale. When I first saw the commercial for the new series, I was upset […]

The Jewish Intern at the Fashion Magazine

elle mag

I’m standing in front of one of the tallest buildings in New York City—the Hearst Tower. A twinge of nervousness runs through my body. I look around, glance at Columbus Circle to the North, take a deep breath, count to three and go through the revolving door. It’s my first day as an editorial intern […]

Millenial Passion for Succulents Explained


Around mid- October this year, Trader Joe’s sold little succulents in pumpkin shaped china pots. Naturally, I was enthralled by the cuteness and promptly bought one of the green ones with orange tips. By the checkout, the cashier asked me if I wanted it in the bag or out of the bag, and I answered […]

Sherlock: The Worst Series Finale Ever


Sherlock has had a history of punishing its viewers (excessive wait times between series, only three episodes per series, mind-bending cliff-hangers, uneven episode quality, not actually resolving those mind-bending cliff-hangers), but we’ve all held on, because Sherlock has just been that great. Watching the adventures of self-proclaimed high-functioning sociopathic detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and […]

Girl Meets Goodbye

Girl M W

The beloved Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, marked the ending of the series with an episode titled “Girl Meets Goodbye.” Tissues were recommended for the inevitable waterworks as fans gathered to watch the end of the show. It was the finale, but no one wanted to say goodbye. When Girl Meets World first aired […]

Lost at Sea: Winter Break with Royal Caribbean

Cruise 2

On January 15th, 2017, five young college students, worn out from the previous semester and desperately seeking refuge and adventure, embarked on a journey known as the Royal Caribbean 5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise. The Navigator of the Seas is the large, trusty steed that was responsible for steering them through the deep waters to […]

A Girl Who Loves Her Island and a Girl Who Loves the Sea: Identity and Belonging in Moana


We can thank Disney for a long line of movies that deal with identity and coming of age. In fact, I’d say that all the best Disney movies do: The Lion King, Pocahontas, Hercules, Mulan, Frozen. But Moana is special, because it focuses on an aspect of growing up that hasn’t gotten the attention it […]