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The Dangers of Paint

Dangers of Paint

When most of us think of paint, we think of the paint that stained our shirts when we used to make art projects or the paint that was used by artists like Van Gogh to make The Starry Night. However paint is used in many industries and for many different jobs, including paint manufacturers, house […]

Animal Research: A Necessary Measure

Animal Testing

Over the past few decades, there has been an extensive debate over the use of animals in medical and product testing. Heartbreaking images of animals in cages awaiting experimentation in laboratories and suffering animals post-testing convince many that animal testing is cruel, immoral and unwarranted.  However, the belief in the use of animal testing to […]

The Waiting Womb

The Waiting Wall

While child mortality is relatively low in this day and age, babies born too early still face significant health risks. According to the World Health Organization, premature birth results in nearly one million deaths per year worldwide, and for babies born extremely premature, after an approximate twenty-three week gestational period, the mortality rate is almost […]

April of the Penguins

April of the Penguins

On April 25, 2017, penguin lovers around the world celebrated World Penguin Day. This annual international holiday coincides with the northward migration of penguins for the summer season. While this day is a happy and adorable one—because who doesn’t love penguins?!—it is accompanied by a sad tone too, as the day raises awareness that our […]

The Dangers of Gas Stations and Vehicular Emissions

The Dangers of Gas Stations and Vecihular Emissions

When one pulls up to a gas station, the pungent smell of the gasoline cannot be ignored. When broken down into its natural components, gasoline is composed of toxic particles including benzene, toluene and xylene. When people are exposed to these particles, they may face health risks varying in severity. It is important for individuals […]

What the SEC’s decision about bitcoin means for the future of the American economy


In early March, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a landmark ruling that stock ticker COIN, a proposed exchange traded fund deriving its value from Bitcoin, would not be approved. For many outside of the financial/technology world, this story barely made the news. However, decisions like this will have a major impact on […]

The Tsimane: What Can these Cardiac Supermen Teach Us About Heart Health?

supemen Grossman

It sometimes seems like heart disease is an inescapable part of human existence—even autopsied Egyptian mummies have been found with the high levels of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, that are closely linked with heart disease. We tend therefore to view atherosclerosis as a natural part of the aging process that comes along with […]

Central Park: The Callosum Commissure of East and West


As a lover of New York City and an admirer of the human brain, it is only natural that I draw parallels between the two, right? As I learn more about both my favorite city (more accurately, the borough of Manhattan) and the most fascinating organ of the body, I see an increasing number of […]

The Meaning Behind Green Ribbons

Stock_The meaning behind green ribbons

Do you know why Apple started making red iPhones, or why many athletes and other celebrities incorporate pink into their wardrobes in October? My guess is that you could correctly identify that Apple made red products to support the elimination of HIV/AIDS, and that the goal behind wearing pink is to bring awareness to breast […]

The Dangers of Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments

stem cells

An unproven stem cell treatment advertised as a clinical trial has caused three women to become permanently blind. The New England Journal of Medicine explained that using stem cells derived from adipose tissue has recently become a more frequent treatment for a multitude of disorders in stem cell clinics in the United States. The three […]