Science & Technology

The Next Time You Reach for That Diet Soda…


The popular low-calorie sweetener aspartame is found almost everywhere. One can find it in every grocery store and most coffee shops and cafes. It is a popular sugar substitute for those looking to keep their daily caloric intake at a minimum. While the taste of sugar combined with zero calories seems like the best of […]

5 Innovations to Look Forward to in 2017


Technology is never static; it is constantly transforming, adapting, and progressing to satisfy changing consumer preferences and behaviors. Every year, new innovations and trends that were seemingly impossible and even unimaginable in previous years, enter the market. This constant introduction of novel materials is a clear attempt at improvement in a perpetually shifting market system. […]

The Naming of the Four Newly Discovered Elements


Let us officially welcome in the four newly added elements to the Periodic Table of Elements! The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) approved the names of these four new elements in late November. The discoveries of these elements over the last decade are a major achievement in the basic sciences, confirming the […]

ReWalk: One Step at a Time


ReWalk Robotics is a high-tech Israeli company whose motto is “More Than Walking”—and for a good reason. ReWalk is a groundbreaking company, creating the first wearable exoskeleton which paraplegics (people paralyzed from the waist down) can wear in order to walk again. Anyone who has seen videos of users wearing the ReWalk device can attest […]

Vexing Vibrations: Fingernails Scraping on a Chalkboard


You probably just shuddered after reading the title of this article, and for that I apologize. What is it about the sound of fingernails scraping on a chalkboard that makes your blood curdle? This question has been the basis of several studies done in the field of psychoacoustics, the branch of psychology which deals with […]

The Dangers of Pesticides


Growing up, I was always instructed to eat fruits and vegetables because they are healthy. I was also told by my parents to carefully wash those fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is not so simple because of all of the chemicals that are sprayed on the foods that we eat. These chemicals are pesticides, which […]

Finding a Cure for a Seemingly Incurable Disease


At the end of November, a major roadblock in the road toward curing Alzheimer’s was announced. Eli Lilly, a major pharmaceutical company, failed to prove its latest drug, solanezumab, effective in a Phase 3 trial. While there are several other trials in the works for other solanezumab-based drugs from other companies, scientists are not getting […]

Do You Smoke?


As I enter my physician’s office for my annual checkup, I hear the familiar string of questions about my health. “Do you smoke?” she asks. The answer should be a simple no; I know the basic detrimental effects of smoking and, therefore, I do not smoke. However, the truthful and more complex answer is that […]

Sun Safe


A lot of people enjoy spending time outdoors and are not looking forward to hibernating for the next few months of winter. There are actually a lot of important benefits we can reap from this time spent outdoors: the sun keeps us warm, helps plants grow, and stimulates our bodies to produce Vitamin D. However, […]

Catch Me If You Can


Do you know what it’s like to chase after someone playing hard to get? For decades, that’s exactly how researchers felt about KRas, a cancer-causing protein. Fortunately, researchers have finally made some progress in developing pharmaceutical drugs to target this ever-elusive protein. They haven’t quite “gotten the girl” yet, but they are cautiously optimistic. Initially, […]