The Halachic Responsibility To Be An LBGT Ally


If I were to stand on one foot and ask you to teach me all of Torah, what would you say? One of the first things I learned when I was becoming religious was the Talmudic passage in which a man goes to Hillel and asks him to teach him all of Torah while he […]

Critique vs. Negativity


A teacher once asked me my opinion on a three-hour lecture series and set of workshops on the subject of tzniut. I was taken aback, surprised that she solicited my thoughts and appeared open to hearing them. I responded carefully, making sure to describe both the strengths and what I thought could be improved in […]

The UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements


On December 23rd, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed a resolution condemning the construction of Israeli settlements, the first resolution to do so in thirty-six years. Resolutions against Israel sometimes seem to be a dime a dozen, but this one touched off furious debate. For the first time during his administration—and in a clear […]

You and Your _____ Agenda


A Facebook post involving a politically relevant article. Many comments. Discourse ensues, with patronizing comments masked to appear as a form of dialogue. Each party claims they’ve been deemed irrelevant and dismissed by the other. “You’re a liberal,” they snicker. And, “You are a racist,” is the retort back. These terms are used so freely […]

Moon Girl, the Devil Dinosaur, and other Child Scientists


While procrastinating from studying for midterms, I decided to read a Marvel comic called Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, about a girl who is pseudo-alien and has a pet dinosaur: it was just as strange as you might imagine. The aforementioned girl is a 4th grader and scientist whose name is, I kid you not, […]

Fighting Murder with Murder


White supremacy is dead—or at least that is what some people in America would like us to believe. They try convincing us that the hatred wrapped in starch white hoods and swastika laden flags no longer inhabit this great land. However, white supremacists and their vulgarity are alive and well, contaminating our nation with their […]

Browsing for Books


One of my favorite childhood activities was going to the library with a big tote bag in hand. First, I would rush to the shelves to find specific books I had heard about from friends. And then, the real fun would begin. I would choose a random aisle and just browse. I would run my […]

A Response to Keren Neugroschl: What the Democratic Party Obscures on Abortion

I am not writing this response to stand by or endorse Ben Shapiro—his views in general, or his views on abortion in particular. However, I do wish to comment on Ms. Neugroschl’s presentation of the Democratic Party’s position on the issue of late-term abortion. Neugroschl, took issue with Shapiro’s claim that the Democratic party supports […]

What Ben Shapiro Got Wrong About Abortion


In many ways Ben Shapiro’s speech on Monday night was not surprising. It was not surprising that in a speech covering an array of controversial political topics, he chose to tackle the hot-button issue of abortion. It was not surprising that as a proud conservative, Shapiro identifies himself as pro-life. It was also not surprising […]

Forgetting Decency at Yeshiva University


Ben Shapiro ended his widely attended speech at Yeshiva University on Monday night, December 5th, with a bold statement: “I preach decency… If you act like a mentsch you should be treated like a mentsch.” Sitting in the audience, I felt utterly dumbfounded. Decency? Ben Shapiro preaches a lot of things, but my big takeaway […]