When Common Decency Isn’t So Common


Recently, I had a dinner date with a friend of mine at Eden Wok. This friend is one of the kindest people I know, and he is also one of the most intelligent. He’s a person who would take a bullet for a stranger without a second thought, and I would trust him with my […]

Sexism, YU and the Student Newspapers

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People like to talk about how we live in a data driven society, but I don’t think we really do. After all, every day, I see people ignore overwhelming data in favor of their own biases and misconceptions. Take the view of women at this university, for instance. We are hardworking, passionate, and ambitious. However, […]

When Words Become Alive

Miriam Pearl

The first time I thought seriously and deeply about the black experience in the Unites States was Saturday night. This is an embarrassing admission. After all, I received a classic US History education. I learned about the legality of African and African American slaves in preschool and about the ratification of the thirteenth amendment in […]

The Border Wall: Isolationism or Safety?


These articles are the first in a new series, in which YU Republicans and Democrats will deconstruct and explain a new policy position every month. In this edition, they tackle the proposed border wall.  Democrats: Build Bridges, Not Walls President Donald J. Trump is a man of many promises. Throughout his unprecedented campaign and shocking […]

On Orthodoxy and Feminism: JOFA Conference Reflections


A few years ago, I was discussing my newfound identity as a feminist with a friend of mine. We debated the function of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, an organization dedicated to advancing change regarding gender issues in the Orthodox community: my friend contended that the name itself is a paradox in terms. She felt […]

Feeding the Keepers of the Text

Feeding the Keepers-Neta

I attended the JOFA conference, a decision that was met with mixed reactions. When fellow peers began to ask me if I would be attending, I started to question the hesitations I’d had with attending the full day conference. What would be so un-halachic? Why did I hold such a grudge against the organization? Why […]

Thank You, Donald Trump, For My Feminist Ideology

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  It’s been a crazy few months for the American people. We have been graced with the presence that is President Donald J. Trump. I use the word graced lightly, because in truth, we have just succumbed to the turmoil that we didn’t anticipate. Many of us were hoping for a brighter future when it […]

My Family Came as Refugees

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My family came to this country as refugees. Yes, a Jewish family. Yes, in the more recent years. Try the 1980’s-90’s. They were leaving the Soviet Union, an oppressive regime, for the United States, a country of foreign nature, but which promised opportunities and liberties. When they came, after months of rejection, bureaucratic difficulties, social isolation […]

On Avraham and the Immigration Ban


The recent immigration restrictions imposed by the Trump administration that target seven countries with a majority Muslim population have come under heavy fire from across the Jewish spectrum. From J-Street to the Orthodox Union, rabbis and other leaders have bonded together to oppose a policy that unfairly targets people solely because of the religion they […]

The Halachic Responsibility To Be An LBGT Ally


If I were to stand on one foot and ask you to teach me all of Torah, what would you say? One of the first things I learned when I was becoming religious was the Talmudic passage in which a man goes to Hillel and asks him to teach him all of Torah while he […]