Friday Library Hours Extended at Stern After A Single Student’s Request


On Tuesday, May 9th, Head Librarian of the Heidi Sternberg Library Edith Lubetski sent out an email to the YU mailing list announcing that library hours at the Stern would be extended until 4:00 PM on the remaining two Fridays of the Spring 2017 semester, which fall on May 12th and May 19th. In her […]

YU Refinances Five Properties with New $140 Million Loan

Yardena_140 million loan

According to New York City property records filed on Wednesday, April 26th, Yeshiva University has refinanced five of its main properties in Manhattan using a $140 million mortgage from debt fund managers Silverpeak Argentic Real Estate Finance LLC and Citigroup’s Citi Real Estate Funding Inc. The structure of the refinancing involved placing the properties, located […]

Summer Tuition Raised as Number of Courses is Increased


As YU increases its number of summer course offerings from thirty-four in 2016 to forty-five in 2017, it has also upped tuition by $15, from $525 per credit in 2016 to $540 per credit in 2017. In addition to the continuing $200 in registration and university fees paid by all students, most students enrolled in […]

Stern Hires New Organic Chemistry Professor Following Mintzer’s Departure

chem prof

A new full-time chemistry professor, Dr. Ran Drori, will be starting at Stern College in the upcoming fall semester in the place of longtime professor Dr. Evan Mintzer. Drori is a post-doctoral researcher at New York University, and will be teaching Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, which are both mandatory for the Biochemistry and Chemistry majors […]

Wilf Votes On, Passes All Three Constitutional Amendments


On April 26th, the Wilf Campus Constitution received its first update since 2014, as the student body voted in three amendments to the document. These newly authorized changes reflect the student council’s response to the ever changing and developing Wilf community, and its attempt to fully and accurately represent all of its constituents. “The Wilf […]

Alternative Calculus Slot Will Cater to Pre-Health and Biology Students

calculus prof

Stern College has introduced a new section for Calculus I geared towards students pursuing biological and pre-health studies. The fall semester class will be focused on applications relevant to the biomedical and life sciences and is intended to “better fit student interests” and “better equip students with specific skills that will help them in their […]

Report Shows Significant Gender Wage Gap Among Yeshiva University Faculty

YU logo

Yeshiva University’s wage gap is 12%-17%, paying female faculty, on average, between 83 and 88 for every dollar male employees earn, according to a report by the Faculty Council, for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, released in 2012 and obtained now by The Observer. The gap is comparable to the national gender-based wage […]

Free Tampons and Pads To Be Provided by YU


Following an article in the February issue of The Commentator titled “The Case for Free Tampons at YU,” the YU administration recently decided to provide free tampons and pads in select restrooms on both the Beren and Wilf campuses. The cost of the products, which according to Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel will be […]

Student Council Candidates Give Speeches Ahead of Wednesday’s Vote


On Tuesday night, potential student council members got their chance to plead their cases to their friends and fellow candidates, and explain why they should be the one elected on Wednesday. Naomi Kohl, the director of student life, started off the evening by thanking those students who had stepped up to run for leadership positions […]

Meet the Presidential Candidates for Next Year’s Student Government

-Picture_ Meet the Presidential Candidates for Next Year’s Student Government

    Temima Kanarfogel: Candidate for TAC President      Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are you majoring in? What extracurriculars are you involved in? What are your hobbies? Your favorite flavor of ice cream? I’m from Teaneck, NJ and am double majoring in Jewish Studies and Biology. I […]