Give us Back our Carlos and Gabby’s


On February 12th an announcement on YU Marketplace shocked students across the university. “Starting today Chop Chop Restaurant ‘No Longer’ to supply Kosher Chinese Food or Sushi to any YU Cafeteria including Nagel Bagel or any YU Event because Chop Chop is under Vaad of Riverdale not an OU restaurant. Thank you so much for […]

Feminist Club’s Mural Destroyed

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Just one week ago a new club was created at YU — the Yeshiva University Feminists Club. The club’s Facebook page asks, “Are you a YU Student? Are you a feminist? Then you’ve come to the right place.” Tonight, presumably during the popular intercampus event, Stomp Out the Stigma, posters and pictures were hung on […]

Increasing Percentage of Students Visit Counseling Center

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Based on data collected from 2007-2016, the YU Counseling Center has confirmed a steady increase in the proportion of students utilizing its psychological and psychiatric services. It is currently seeing a notable 20-25% of the undergraduate student body as compared to the 15% it saw in earlier years. In the last academic year alone, the […]

Hisoriri Program Development Continues

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Albany, New York. Rockville, Maryland. Bayonne, New Jersey. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Harrison, New York. Paramus, New Jersey. Yardley, Pennsylvania. Livingston, New Jersey. Holyoke, Massachusetts. Stony Brook, New York. All these cities have something in common: Hisoriri. A volunteer-driven group of Jewish students, Hisoriri has one goal: “rejuvenating Shabbat, together.” It sends coed groups of four […]

Three Psychology Professors to Leave Stern in the Fall

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The psychology major is one of the most popular at Stern College, and has, in the past, offered three unique tracks for students to choose from: the general track, the neuroscience track, and the developmental track. This semester, however, as a result of several teachers’ decisions to retire and/or leave the school, the psychology department […]

YU Environmental Society Revived as Official Club

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When senior Miriam Renz began attending Stern, she quickly became an active member of the YU Environmental Society, then under the leadership of Jenny Wiseman. When Wiseman graduated in 2015, the club struggled to continue to exist. Last year, it was so inactive that it lost funding as an official club. Renz, along with her […]

YUcard App Earns Mixed Reviews

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Navigating the cafeteria has theoretically never been easier thanks to the new YUcard mobile app, which allows students to pay for purchases in campus caf stores with their smartphones. Since its introduction in September, many students have been reportedly foregoing their plastic ID cards in favor of the new application, according to the university. Though […]

Stern Students Construct Mural in Response to Trump Immigration Restrictions


The College Democrats hung up a mural on the outside wall of room 102 in the 245 lobby on the Beren Campus Wednesday night, in response to the immigration restrictions passed by the Trump administration over this past weekend. The executive order temporarily banned immigrants from seven, mostly Muslim countries, and touched off widespread panic […]

Women in Business Initiative Connects Students with Resources for Success


  Led by a team from the Career Center, the Women in Business Initiative (WIBI) is entering its eighth year of connecting driven, career-focused women with the resources to help them achieve their professional goals. Applications for the program will remain open until this coming Tuesday, January 31st. WIBI functions in two ways: as a […]

YU Introduces EMT Class on Campus


In an effort to create a safer campus, YU’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) club, with the assistance of the club’s director, Dr. Levy Amar, a biology professor at Stern and certified EMT instructor, has established an EMT course at YU that will be offered this spring for the first time on the Beren Campus. An […]