Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Purim

  1. Shaking those graggers and making a ton of noise in the shul is a MITZVAH!giphy (10)2. No one can tell if you are having a bad hair day. You can always tell them that it’s part of your costume or get up. giphy (11)3. Purim is SO much easier to spell than Chanukah. I mean how many spellings have you seen for the word Chanukah? Am I even spelling it right? Hannukah….Chanuka….the possibilities go on and on.

    giphy (12)4. Purim is definitely more convenient than Pesach. You don’t have to go into cleaning mode and scrape everything clean. It’s a win win!giphy (13)5. You don’t have to build a hut and live and eat outside in it. However, you CAN build a Purim carnival booth!giphy (14)6. It’s a mitzvah to drink wine to the point where he cannot tell the difference between “Arur Haman” and “Baruch Mordechai”! ~Talmud.giphy (15)7. There are no swinging lulavim everywhere! Your eyes are safe. Instead, there are gifts called “mishloach manot.” And let’s be honest, WHO DOESN’T LIKE GIFTS? giphy (16)8. You can’t eat Hamentashen on Yom Kippur. (Pretty solid reason right here.)giphy (17)

    9. Mordechai – 1; Haman – 0! YOU are on the winner’s side!giphy (18)10. It’s a MITZVAH to be HAPPY. Can it get any better than that?!giphy (19)