Stray Craisin Found in Feta Cheese of Salad Bar, Culprit Expelled

salad bar

On the afternoon of March 15th at approximately 3:24 PM, a deafening shriek was heard from the salad bar in the 215 cafeteria. The distressed student (who shall remain nameless because of the sensitive nature of the investigation) ran pell-mell to the mashgiach’s office, knocking down several stacks of pretzels on her way, to report […]

Stern College’s Most Popular Study Area

Study Area

In December 2015 renovations to the Mendel Gottesman Wilf Campus Library came to a close. While YU is often known to embrace more traditional modes of thinking, the University has taken a surprisingly progressive stance towards libraries. Most people still define the word library as a building used to house books and periodicals, but the […]

Stern Elevator Breaks Down, 300 Girls Trapped Inside


Earlier this week, one of the elevators in the 245 Lexington building broke down, trapping 300 students inside. It was only after a brave junior texted her friend to fill out a maintenance form that a search and rescue team was sent out. There was no lasting bodily harm; however, 42 Chobani yogurts were squashed […]

Course Catalog for English Department – Fall 2016

Course Descriptions

Course Catalog for English Department – Fall 2016 Hope The Writing Center Hired More Tutors This Semester (Previously Titled “Freshman Comp.”) — ENGL 1000 — TBD Thought you knew how to write an adequate essay? Want to further overwhelm your already overstimulated freshman brain? Itching to know what it means to ask a ‘genuine question’? […]

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Purim

giphy (19)

Shaking those graggers and making a ton of noise in the shul is a MITZVAH!2. No one can tell if you are having a bad hair day. You can always tell them that it’s part of your costume or get up. 3. Purim is SO much easier to spell than Chanukah. I mean how many spellings […]

Candy Crush Secrets: Unwrapped

candy crush

Allow me to set the scene: you’ve been locked out of Candy Crush following five failed attempts. You must now wait thirty minutes to return to Candyland, but you’re antsy, because you’ve just figured out a winning strategy. You say to yourself: No biggie, I can wait. But you can’t. You start thinking: A dollar […]

Trump to Become New YU President

Donald Trump

In a surprise move on Sunday, Richard Joel announced that he would be replaced as YU president by Donald Trump. “He’s doing so well in the Republican primaries,” said Joel, “and we felt his always be winning mentality would be a great fit for this school.” Activist group YU Students for Trump applauded the move, […]

The Noblest of Them All: The Ig Nobel Prize

Ig Nobel

Every year, much attention is paid to which incredible achievements, in fields ranging from medicine to literature to physics to peace, will be awarded the Nobel Prize. It is bestowed in an elegant theater where the King of Sweden gives each honoree his or her medal and million dollar prize in a ceremony full of […]

BREAKING NEWS: Syrian Refugees To Be Accepted To Yeshiva University Beginning in Fall 2016.

Syrian Refugee Article Pic

NEW YORK: As has been the case for several years now, YU has struggled financially, forcing the administration to find new donors, impose numerous institutional cut-backs, even sell some of its historic buildings. However, as many are aware, few of these options have proven to be the ‘saving grace’ that the institution needs, leaving Yeshiva […]

Ode To…

The Broken Elevator: Why do you always do this to us? When we need you the most, you aren’t there. You make us wait while the other elevator does all the work, and force us to all pile into the same elevator, making us forget what personal space is. On Motzei Shabbat, when everyone is […]